Monday, June 28, 2010

White Rabbits -- It runs in the family.

He's not six feet tall and invisible. He does not wear a waistcoat and carry a gold watch. But Adolf is a white rabbit all the same. What do we make of that? White rabbits are not all that common in nature, where the usual hues are brown and brownish. Is he an escaped pet? He seems domesticated, for sure. Wild rabbits do not hang with people, let alone follow them around. And he seems to understand the language of the grumbly tumbly. Has he looked into the maw of the stewpot before? One thing is for sure, all white rabbits have magical qualities. It runs in the family. They are often seen in the company of top hats. Sometimes they befriend philosophical drunkards. Occasionally they lead little girls down rabbit holes. Best to be cautious.

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