Sunday, June 13, 2010

The First Sunday.

My withering criticism of the first Sunday strip: Not that it's trite and predictable. Barney is funny because he is a stereotype. He might have said something funny, i.e., "I'm missing the pork bellies futures report." Pork bellies have been funny for generations. But that would have been too funny for the straight man. No, as written, the punchline is "To the office, Charles." But that is not the point. If they had wanted to have Barney say something funny, they would have gone with, "Charles, we need some compact fluorescent light bubs." That is the point. Barney doesn't have a Smart Phone! New Last Panel: Barney pulls out his iPhone or Blackberry, and says, "I'm missing the soybean futures price report." Even Luddite Gene has an iPhone. Epic Fail.

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