Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some Blog Business.

Some of the long-time readers might have noticed recent changes to the layout of the Blog. Don't be alarmed! These changes are designed to add more utility to the Blog while retaining the traditional features that you have grown to love. You will see that a links section has been added to the left of the Posts. These are hyperlinks to sites and items deemed significant to Barney & Clyde. You will also note that a "Hidden Penis Count" has been added to the bottom of the Blog, that will keep track of the Hidden Penises in the strip. We hope these additional features will add to your enjoyment, as well as provide important information regarding the strip.

We turn now to the comments:
flysct4472 said... Maybe I should read more into the fact that the Miami Herald interview garnered no "recommends" or comments?

This is in reference to the video from the Miami Herald in which the decision to add Barney & Clyde (as well as Pickles)to the paper's lineup of cartoons is explained. The lack of ratings can be explained.

A scientifically conducted poll of Miami Herald readers, similar to the one cited in the video, found that 64 percent of Herald readers think that YouTube is a Urinary Catheter, while 29 percent think it is a tube used to conceal illegal drugs or other contraband inside the human body. We hope this explains the lack of ratings.

Keep those comments coming.

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