Sunday, June 6, 2010

We Analyze the First Strip

The first panel clearly establishes in spatial terms the Spiritual and Philosophical dichotomy that the strip will explore, with Barney placed on the left of the panel and Clyde on the right. Clyde is clearly shown to be at one with nature, as he and the tree are leaning in the same direction. Also, he has his hands in his pockets. Barney is dressed in black. Is he the modern devil, the Corporate Malefactor? Or is his view of life symbolized by his black-and-white costume? Clyde is dressed predominantly in brown with black vest. Obviously, based on his earthy color sense, Clyde has a more subtle view of life than Barney. The second panel is certain to be the most controversial ever printed in an American newspaper. Clyde has taken off his hat in deference to the great billionaire, showing that he recognizes the innate superiority of Barney. It's also a cheap trick to set the readers up for the last panel. The third panel is hilarious. The curled third finger is priceless. The last panel. of course, supplies the moral, and illustrates why it would have been actually funny if Clyde had been African-American.

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