Monday, July 5, 2010

Intermittently interesting.

Not every strip is a winner. After the multi-layered Sunday July 4, 2010 strip, the July 5 edition heads back into the zero-dimensional universe. On Sunday, we find that Barney is, in a manner of speaking, surrounded by his family -- transmuted into parrots who remind him of his shortcomings, a problem that might be relieved by one of his own remedies, which, inexplicably, he apparently does not use. On Monday, however, we are back into the flatter-land territory of non-dimensionality: INTERESTING is the last thing it might be called. Really, because Clyde flatters Barney by thinking about him as a hackneyed joke, Clyde is interesting to Barney? Yeah, we already got the point that Barney is starved for human contact, and Clyde has become the one person in his life who has shown any interest in him. We get it. Another anvil falls. More like the Sunday strip, please, sirs.

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