Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Man with the Twisted Hare.

Clyde once again demonstrates that a gentle swindle is as good as a gun as he works his begging scam on another susceptible citizen. Clyde is revealing himself to be more and more like Barney in his entrepreneurial skill. Like Barney, Clyde is selling an illusion. And once again, Clyde shows the intuitive grasp of finding the "real" name. Next thing you know, Sherlock Holmes will find that Clyde's real name is Neville.

In a related scam, it appears that B&C has moved permanently from GoComics to Comics.com. The interface at GoComics was much cleaner, but the advertising potential for merchandise appears to be much greater at Comics.com. The credit line is better, anyway. Looks like Clyde marketing savvy is rubbing off on the B&C team.

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