Friday, April 2, 2010

Fluffykins McNeedsahug

Better known as Adolf, the cuddly rabbit of the strip. What can we expect of this critter? He is described as a fundraiser extraordinaire, but what else is he? Will he be the sarcastic observer whose comments reflect the cynicism of the authors? Will he in daydreams fly helicopters in the Vietnam War? Is he an escapee from the Pillsbury Labs, genetically altered into a genius whose single purpose in life is to take over the world? Does he have a gerbil propagandist named Joseph? Will he speak with an Austrian accent? I'm hoping that he became addicted to nicotine and eyeliner while in Pillsbury Labs, so that he scrounges cigarette butts and cigar stubs from the park or chews tobacco. He also might steal mascara and eyeliner from women's purses. So many questions, and so long to wait for answers!

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